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Posted this with a mess of sketches but feel you should see these two. Honey is Ayo’s descendent like Ayo they both had a son at the same age. Only different is that Honey lives in the modern world which means having a baby at your teen years is a no no. Honey’s Mom, Serenity ,  help her raise Neji yet Serenity makes the girl help her.

Also Honey is much more wiser then Ayo and stronger then her. Having sex and getting pregnant wasn’t wise but who’s counting. Honey’s best friend Alice always has that over Honey’s head. Also mentioning she’ll kill the guy that guy her pregnant. Warning: Alice has guns and she knows how to use them.  Neji’s father is Yuki but this during the time Yuki didn’t know about Neji. Not mention he thought Honey was dead.


Long story! Very long but understandable story.

Honey isn’t married but she do have mark on her neck that shows other men that’s she’s someone’s girl. It’s a wolf or dog warrior rule.  Of course that rule is always ignored by other warriors.

Keiji looks like Genji and has the same abilities that Genji has. Only differences is that Keiji is really smart while Genji isn’t. Yet Keiji do silly things but he is never without his guardian wolf.

More skecthes! Am on a ROLL!

Double sketches! I’m playing with my character’s, Beverly, hairstyle. One reason is because I gave her one of my other character hairstyle. Beth is Betty and Brendon little sister. Dozer is Betty warrior side, she acts different when she channels Dozer or transform into her.

Finally drew Betty’s brother and I gave her stepsister. Beverly isn’t a very nice stepsister. She gave Betty so much grief.

Hon Hon and Neji Shiro. Honey and Yuki’s kids. Neji is more current but Hon Hon is a more a child for later. When Honey and Yuki gets older.

The Outline! Sigh! I like the sketch better!

So I drew this yesterday! I’m trying to get back into swing of things. Double Megan Version 1. Priestess (right) to a Civilian(left).

This so bad! Will draw another later!